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Linda asks…

Wet food for cats vs dry?

so evryone says to give cats wet food, i tried to give them core wellness wet food and they all got diahreah???????

Pam answers:

How did you do your transition? If you just plopped down new food with no transitional period, that is why they have diarrhea. Cats have very sensitive digestive systems, and there needs to be a slow change when switching foods. You have the BEST food on the market for them, so keep at it!! Since you already started them, you might want to feed for now a 50/50 mix of the core and whatever they were eating before, they will slowly adjust and you can add more of the core to the mix day by day. Another concern here tho is that they may have a food allergy, but I doubt that is the case. Wellness core is so pure that there is very little in it to be allergic to in all honesty. If the diarrhea doesn’t subside, you may want to consider a vet visit, just to make sure everything is ok. But I think they will be fine once they have a chance to let their tummies get used to the new food. As far as the people saying dry is better, that is totally and completely WRONG. Dry causes dehydration and kidney issues in cats, since they have a very low thirst drive and the dry offers no moisture. Dry does NOTHING for their teeth, because its too brittle and breaks up too finely to have any sort of impact. Wet is far superior to dry, so keep doing what you are doing, you are on your way to having very healthy cats!! Edit: Some people obviously need new vets. Look up any medical article on this subject and they will all say the same thing. Wet is better than dry, dry does nothing for teeth, dry causes dehydration. Here are some articles to support my facts.






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